Sunday, September 19, 2010

Betwixt & Between

Lately I feel as though this statement describes my life perfectly.

I feel as though I am the poster child for being betwixt and between..everything.

I'm not a kid - but I definitely don't feel as though I'm anywhere even close to being a grownup.

I'm not a person who I hate being, but there's a severe lack of love for who I am at the same time.

I get frustrated with the fluff of some people - yet feel lost in the academia of others.

Sometimes I sleep in one house, while other nights finds me somewhere else. Most times I feel like I'm living out of my car. Always going somewhere, but never getting anywhere.

I try to do everything,  but end up doing nothing.

I'm neither here, there or anywhere.

Just caught in the middle - betwixt and between.

As per usual in my life...I'm searching for balance.

And it's frustrating.

So very frustrating.

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