Monday, September 13, 2010

Forever Ruined

Switzerland ruined me.

Don't get me wrong - I loved living there...but I was spoiled.

Picturesque views on a daily basis: Check.
Reliable transportation: Check.
Fresh bread and good cheese: Double Check.
The best chocolate in the entire world that you can't find anywhere else: Check.

So, you see where the problem lies.

You eat the worlds best chocolate for an entire year, and then you go back to North America. Before you left you didn't really eat much chocolate, but the newfound chocolate addict in your can't live without you grab an old classic at a store, take a bite...and spit it out.

You can't figure out why the chocolate here has been replace with wax, but figure it's because you bought some cheap chocolate bar because you're broke.

So you dredge on through your life, dreaming of a Swiss chocolate heaven, and you realize that there is lindt. Oh the makers of chocolate, the very best chocolate out there. And you sigh, because it's FROM there, it MUST be a taste of the real thing that you've been craving.

And you taste it.

And still, it just tastes like wax.

Everyone else goes on and on about how wonderful that three dollar chocolate bar is.

And you're miserable...because you know that it's not actually's better than a lot of the others..but still...nothing like what your standards now dictate.

A chocolate bar so sweet and good that it melted in your mouth. Where you swore you were going to only have one piece, and next thing you know, the entire thing was gone. But it was okay, because you bought five of the bars for a dollar at the cheap discount grocery store. And even though they're the bottom of the line swiss chocolate..they're eight trillion times better than any chocolate you've ever had.

So now there is an expensive bar of chocolate sitting in the fridge. Three dollars for wax. And I'm still craving real chocolate. Lindt, Frey or Sprungli, I don't really care..

Being a girl sucks, but being a girl who can't really enjoy chocolate anymore?

That's just cruel.

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