Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's In A Name?

So - if anyone out there in the big wide interwebs is reading this, they're probably wondering what the hell this blog is.

This is my attempt to be the blogger I want to be. 

One that doesn't censor herself, one that is honest, truthful and tells it like it is. 

One that tells the hilarious stories involving her falling down and hurting herself, and also the stories of being hurt by life. One that is witty, but always with a hint of exhaustion. It just adds that extra little pizazz. I want to be the blogger that creates a community of good friends (ones from here, there and anywhere) around herself. One where she gets to know people all around her, even though she's never had a chance to meet them. A way to keep friends who are close to her heart, but far in distance..close by. In my early blogging (ha. back when we called it 'journaling') days (eek - almost 10 years ago?!)  I had this wonderful group of friends on the internet. A great bunch of girls with whom I shared stories, commisterated with and laughed with. 

Then I went to university - and beer, best friends, boys and books (and yes, that order is just about freakishly accurate) became much more important than in my daily life then keeping up with writing on the internet. Sure, I'd still turn to it to bitch and rant and rave - but the daily stuff, the thoughts and memories got left out.

Now though? I'm done university. I've lived overseas. I've contemplated getting a real job - but decided to take the riskier route instead, and am taking over the family business. With my family. Which, you know, could be awesome. Except that we might all kill each other and then who the hell is going to pay the bills?

After moving back home from a year overseas, I moved in with my parents. Because, you know, evidentally working as a slave and travelling  as much as humanly possible makes you broke as broke can be. So I moved back home. After years of not living with there. ..But free rent and free food and having someone who did your laundry when you were too tired to move and no longer had clean underwear was appealing. Especially at 24 when you'd experienced living on your own and decided that growing up isn't all candy and lollipops.And there is even LESS candy when you spent your last dollar at an overpriced swiss airport and you're literally broke as..anything. 

Now though  - I'm living with my cousin and her three week old baby boy. Which means that I work 40 hours a week (and then never stop thinking about work and working from home another few hundred hours a week - yeah, try to figure THAT one out) all the while changing diapers, singing lullabies and making bottles.

I also happen to be a surrogate for a needy cat while my aunt is working in South Africa.

My life is busy. It's not always glamourous.

Except when people come up to me and tell me they've seen me on TV, the newspaper or in a magazine. Which actually happens a lot.

I'm kind of a big deal. 

In the 'small town, family business' kind of way.

You should probably get my autograph before I go national.

Just putting it out there. 

ANYWAY. Back to the point, before the rambling began (which, by the way, if you're planning on sticking around - well, it (the rambling that is) happens.)

So - What's in a name?

It's a gaelic word - tuigse - which isn't pronounced anything like you think it should be. Infact it's all sh's and k's - and the actual pronouncition is 'Took Sha'.

Yeah - I know - messed up right?

Welcome to MY world - take it seat and buckle up - it's a fun and crazy ride

 I like it because, well, it's not as it appears. And neither am I...I'm full of surprises and you never know what's going to happen next.

 It was also appealing because when translated it means : comprehension, consideration, discernment, discerning, knowledge, intelligence, perception, realization, and understanding

Which is the direction I'd like to head in this blog. To understand, to be there for others, to be aware but not taken advantage of, to learn, to know, to see, to make grand realizations and to understand - myself, people around me and the world. 

Which sounds all mushy and gooey and gross - but I swear I'm not. Okay. So I might be a little...but I swear I'm not in the bad way. At least not right now. 

I'm mostly just a 20-something, trying to figure out her place in the world. Caught at a junction where she's too grown up to be a kid, but too much of a kid to be a grownup. Take it or leave it, I'm all I can be. 

So interwebs, if you're out there and like what you've read and have pressed that there follow button over there...and you think I'd like to read what you've written - all you have to do is leave me your name and your link...I'll definitely check it out and probably want to be BFF's.

In the totally non creepy way. 

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