Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shit Show

This weekend made me realize just how kick ass my friends are. And how much of a shit show we can be.

I mean..I knew I had some pretty kick ass friends..that just goes without saying when you've got my sort of awesome on your side..but DUDE - I have some KICK. ASS. FRIENDS. Caps TOTALLY necessary.

Let's just do a walk through..

SO..First..they're all "Let's come to town for homecoming!" - which I love..because of my crazy crazy means that I have to put in minimal effort to actually get to see them..woot! If I could put in more effort right now..I would..but alas..I'm super busy and super little effort is better in this case.

So they came. En mass. And I have to admit..I was a little worried.

There were a few that I wanted to see...A LOT..and there were a few that I was like.."oh god, I need to hide...or drink..or HIDE AND DRINK" - and there were a bunch that I was rather ambivilant about. LUCKILY, the group that I really wanted to see was kick ass and we found a cute little restaurant with amazing food that was perfect for having catch up convos - LOVE.

Then I had to work all day.

While my friends near and dear got shitfaced.

Which sounds sucky because I was working - but picture then getting to walk into the hilarity of shitfaced friends who have been drunk since far before noon and playing catch up at 4 in the afternoon.

Oh it was good.

There was laughing.

There was dancing.

There were shots at sketchy bars.

There were far too many photographs that I'm rather afraid to look at.

There were hilarious conversations about anything and everything.

There were FREE HOTDOGS. Which doesn't sound like it should be awesome - but after being drunk as we were, free hotdogs AT THE BAR are amazing. Not just good - AMAZING.

There was run ins, almost run ins and hug fests.

There were catch ups with old friends who hadn't been seen in YEARS, and catch up with friends that just don't seem to make enough time for each other these days.

There was pizza, more beer, stops at bars along the way to refuel and greasy breakfasts to soak up the leftover booze.

And the best part? Two of my best friends and I finalized our desire to have a girls weekend in vegas and are heading there NEXT MONTH! Which basically means that the hilarity and awesome of THIS weekend is going to be packed into a five day, four night trip in sin city - where we'll have belated quarter century birthday celebrations.

So Vegas? I'm prepped - my blood alcohol is probably still far too inhibitions are waining...and I'm pretty sure that you should bring on the shitshow, in the most kick ass way possible.

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