Friday, November 12, 2010


I'm so horrible at this blogging thing lately..

But here is what I've been up to..

*Dressing like a giant pumpkin
*Making photo books and scrapbooks and finally doing something with my photos
*Planning the most fabulous girls extended weekend to VEGAS with my lovlies!
*Celebrating birthdays galore
*Cuddling a beautiful baby boy
*Doing errands, errands and more errands
*Taking photos
*Working too much...and now, not working enough.
*Cooking wonderful new fun foods
*Making lists like a maniac - and crossing things off
*Pouring over dessert books to make holiday treats
*Counting down days
*Buying christmas presents
*Baths, Bottles and Bedtimes for the beautiful baby boy
*Being a grownup and making hard decisions
*Writing in the baby blog

Things I'll (hopefully) be doing soon(ish):

*Printing off and putting together more scrapbooks
*Going to Vegas - So close now!
*Frantically packing and making sure everything is ready for Vegas!
*Cleaning the house from top to bottom before my aunt moves back
*Getting kisses and smiles from the baby boo
*Planning out a christmas menu
*Finish raking up the leaves
*Get my butt in gear and get some work work done.
* Visit some "swiss" friends
*Laundry, laundry and more laundry!

...And it's off to work for me. Ta for now blogland.

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