Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Huge Sighs

This year has been one of many turbulent ups and downs.

Births, deaths and everything in between.

There have been three in the morning phone calls saying 'come now, he won't make it through the night'

There have been phonecalls announcing weddings

There have been 2am trips to the vet with bleeding animals.

There have been mornings that are too early. Nights that are too late

There has even been the text message that said "HOLY. CRAP. I. JUST. WATCHED. A. BABY. BE. BORN. (ps - he's healthy, happy, beautiful & perfect)

There have been days when I sang in the shower, the car, the hallway and every other place you can sing.

There have been days when I cried in the shower, the car, the hallway and any other place you can cry.

Today though?

Today was one where I sighed big huge sighs of relief.

Today was the one, where when I phone call came, I wanted to freak out, but knew it would do no I didn't.

It was the one where I was relieved (after the fact) to have missed the call that would have said "I'm trapped in the car and it's filling with smoke, I don't know how I'm going to get out, but tell my wife and baby boy that I love them" - Because that phone call? That would have been the end of reason and sanity.

Thankfully, shortly after that missed call, there were helpful strangers, a moment of clarity and the exit from a severely damaged vehicle.

And then there was the phone call that was actually received.

The one that said "Everyone is okay. The car is destroyed. But everyone is okay."

So tonight? While his wife hugged him as silent tears ran down her race and he cringed a little due to the bruises that are slowly making their way to the surrface..I cuddled their little boy...and sang him to sleep..

Happier than ever, that I could sing him one of his favourite songs..and not have to lie..

Close your eyes..
Have no fear..
The monsters gone..
He's on the run..
And your daddy's here..

Today is one of those days that makes you appreciate being alive. Makes you think about the important things, the little things and makes you thankful for everything else. Today, is one of the days that makes you sigh big huge sighs of relief.

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