Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quiche & Coffee

A few weeks ago, I was up early. I fed the baby and put him back to bed...but alas, I couldn't put myself back to bed.

So, I did what any self respecting 20 something would do, and bummed around on the internet for a little while...finally exhausting possible forms of procrastination, I decided it would be nice of me to make a good breakfast.

I dug around the fridge and freezer, scoping out my options.

Not a whole lot of anything struck me with inspiration, until I saw a frozen pie crust..

Ah ha! I thought, I shall make a quiche! Because who doesn't love homemade quiche?!

So I grabbed some eggs, some milk, some onions, broccoli and cheese and started throwing together a quiche. 

While I was doing this, my cousin called to chat, she asked what I was doing and I told her that I was making a quiche - she told me that I was crazy, because it wasn't even 9am on a Saturday and I was in the kitchen, making a quiche, from scratch.

I laughed and said that I liked cooking, and wanted to have a nice breakfast and I couldn't sleep anyways!

Fast forward to the quiche being in the oven. Almost ready. I had a lovely breakfast ready almost ready to go, I'd cut up some fruit when suddenly, I realised what I was missing. 


Generally, adults have COFFEE with breakfast.

Which is great, except that I...don't.

I've never made coffee.

I had no idea what I was doing as I stared blankly at the coffee machine.

Not wanting to wake my cousin, I called the other one in Boston, and explained my situation to her. I simply needed her to tell me how to make coffee.

As she walked me through the steps, told me how much water to put in, where to turn the machine on and how many scoops of coffee grounds to put in (with a gentle reminder that I needed to put in a filter - thanks, tips) I could hear a little hint of amusement in her voice.

Upon questioning this, she laughed and said: Well, don't you think that it's kind of funny that you can make a quiche from scratch without evening thinking about it, but you need step by step verbal instructions on how to make COFFEE?

And that folks, is the story of my life. 

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