Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowy Sunday

As I get older, I have a harder problem dealing with winter. Being cooped up inside, the lack of sunshine, the cold - it just doesn't agree with me now that my winter life doesn't revolve around snow forts and hot chocolate.

Sad, I know.

That being's Sunday. There is no where we need to be, no where we have to go. Places that we could go, things we could do..of course. There is nothing essential or pressing though..

Which means that it's okay that we're snowed in.

It's fine that the snow is falling down in huge white flakes, that small dogs going for walks almost can't be seen through the one car track on the road. It's fine that the driveway is covered and  the snow is getting deeper by the second.

Because I have a hot chocolate, a duvet and a movie.

And life on this snowy Sunday afternoon is a-okay.

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